About Me

I’m Stuart McLeod, an SEO Consultant, Affiliate Marketer and Blogger from just outside Glasgow in the UK.

Why do you care?

Well if by chance your looking to speak to, or connect with someone who has worked with a number of Scotland’s largest companies in Software Development, Technology, Travel, Financial and Lighting, as well as helping local businesses build their presence online, I might be worth speaking to.

Tell me more

  • I’ve been involved in Internet based projects since 2005
  • I have gained a wealth of knowledge working in both the public and private sector
  • I’ve helped companies in the following areas:
    • Improving website rankings, SEO
    • Increasing visitor traffic
    • Implementing social media
    • Online lead generation
    • Content marketing strategy
    • WordPress blog development
    • Paid search or PPC
    • Competitor analysis
    • Analytics, tracking and reporting
    • Choosing the right tools and software
    • General no-obligation advice
    • B2C mobile rich text ads

And there is a chance I could help you…

For more information on my past experience visit my LinkedIn profile.

Or if you want to chat more, click here to contact me, connect with me using the social links in the sidebar or click here to discuss a freelance project.

Thanks for stopping past,

SEO Consultant